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1. THE MAJESTIC BUILDING (1901): Located in the center of the Arctic business district, housed many local businesses, cultural activities and community programs. By the late 1990s, neglect and deterioration had taken their toll. It was razed in 1999. A park and gazebo now occupy the site.


2. THE SHOWBOAT (1933): Was purchased in 1933 by the wrestler “Kid Blair” and moved from Arnold Road to Lake Tiogue on Route 3, Coventry, where it became a popular nightclub. It was destroyed by fire on January 16, 1976.


3. ROYAL MILL (1890): In 1884 B.B. & R. Knight purchased a property from the Greene Mfg. Company containing three mills in Riverpoint. The upper mill was enlarged and renamed the Royal Mill. It closed in 1935 and has since been converted into residential housing.


4. PHENIX BAPTIST CHURCH (1859): The congregation’s first church was built on this site on land donated by William B. Spencer. It was demolished in 1978 and replaced with the current building.


5. CENTREVILLE NATIONAL BANK (1828): The bank was incorporated in the village of Centreville and moved to Main Street, Arctic in 1901 where it is located today in a neo-classical building that was designed by Hutchins & French of Boston.


6. “JERRY” (1914): The statue of “Jerry” was unveiled on July 13, 1914 and placed at the West Warwick High School, in Westcott. In 1965 it was moved to the new High School on Arctic Hill.


7. VETERAN’S SQUARE DINER (1941): The diner, once an electric trolley car, was located at the corner of Main Street and West Warwick Avenue, next to the Centreville Bridge. On September 7, 2000 it was badly damaged and subsequently purchased, moved, and restored by a private party.


8. CROMPTON FREE LIBRARY (1876):  Built by Howard and F. E. Richmond, owners of the Crompton Mills. In 1945 the building and land were donated to the town to be part of the library system. In 1993 it became the home of the Pawtuxet Valley Preservation and Historical Society.


9. U. S. POST OFFICE (1932):  The post office in the Arctic business district is a consolidation of five village post offices that served the western part of Warwick since 1889.


10. ST. MARY’S CHURCH (1844): The church was dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 20, 1845. It was the first Catholic Church in the area and is often referred to as “The Mother Church of the Valley”.


11. PHENIX FIRE STATION (1889-90): The building, which is on the Phenix / Harris line, serviced the town until 2017 when it closed due to restructuring of the fire departments.


12. PROVIDENCE STREET SCHOOL (1914):  The school was built on the “flats” belonging to the Natick Mills Corp. It closed when the Wakefield Hills Elementary School was built.


13. WWI MEMORIAL (1935-37): Was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to honor the men and women of West Warwick who served in WWI.


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