1. September 2009 Monthly Meeting
    Robert ARRUDA - Rhode Island's Future, How To Get From Bleack To Vibrant
  2. October 2009 Monthly Meeting
    Ken DeCOSTA, a member of the RI Society for the Examination of Unusual Phenomena
  3. November 2009 Monthly Meeting
    Professor Cheryl MADDEN - Ukranian Genocide (1932-1933) one of the least known tragedies of the 20th Century
  4. December 2009 Monthly Meeting
    Holiday Open House
  5. January 2010 Monthly Meeting
    Professor Robert Mudge Humble -"Rhode Test"
  6. February 2010 Monthly Meeting
    Attorney Charles VACCA - The Paine House
  7. March 2010 Monthly Meeting
    Louis MIRTO - Henry Bloch: Building a Dream from the Modest Beginnings
  8. April 2010 Monthly Meeting
    David BETTENCORT - "On the Lake: Life and Love in a Distant Place"
  9. May 2010 Monthly Meeting

  10. June 2010 Monthly Meeting
    Coming Soon


    1. September 2008 Monthly Meeting
      Dr. Sandra ENOS- Orphanages in RI
    2. October 2008 Monthly Meeting
      Paul ENO - On The paranormal
    3. November 2008 Monthly Meeting
      Wilma BRIGGS - All American Women's Baseball League
    4. December 2008 Monthly Meeting
      Open House
    5. January 2009 Monthly Meeting
      Robert GRANDCHAMP - The Civil War and the RI 7th Infantry
    6. February 2009 Monthly Meeting
      George FLYNN talking about local artist Emile TRAHAN
    7. March 2009 Monthly Meeting
      St. Vincent De Paul Society
    8. April 2009 Monthly Meeting
      Shipwreck Archealogy
    9. May 2009 Monthly Meeting
      Jeanne ARCHAMBAULT - Local Children's Book Author
    10. June 2009 Monthly MeetingInstallation Banquet


      1. September 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Colonel Richard SHERYKA of the Kentish Guard
      2. October 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Wayne CABRAL- Cloud Hill Museum, Warwick
      3. November 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Jim HAVENS - from the Audubon Society
      4. December 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House
      5. January 2008 Monthly Meeting
        Pat SHARKEY - Curator of Roger Williams Park Zoo
      6. February 2008 Monthly Meeting
        Janine BURKE - Assistant Superintendent for administration at the West Warwick Watewater Treatment Plant
      7. March 2008 Monthly Meeting
        Alan LEVEILLEE, Archaeologist
      8. April 2008 Monthly Meeting
        Professor Margaret ORDONEZ - History of Buttons
      9. May 2008 Monthly Meeting
        Jan MATHEWS - Registered Nurse - CPR & AED
      10. June 2008 Monthly Meeting


      1. September 2006 Monthly Meeting
        S.S. PARENTE, Author of "The O'Donnell's Hill Gang"
      2. October 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Park Ranger John MCNIFF, for the Roger Williams Memorial, in Providence, RI
      3. November 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Robert NERO,Scientist with the Environmental Protection Services
      4. December 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House...
      5. January 2007 Monthly Meeting
        David BETTENCOURT, Producer of "You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park"
      6. February 2007 Monthly Meeting... No Meeting was held...due to snowy weather
      7. March 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Jeanne BENOIT, who will share her experiences visitng Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
      8. April 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Ed THEBERGE & Dr.Gregory THEBERGE will share their collection of Brewery Memorabilia
      9. May 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Silma Del LANGLEY, Deputy Warden at the Intake Center of Rhode Island Dept. of Corrections
      10. June 2007 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2007-2008 year.


      1. September 2005 Monthly Meeting
        George PICARD, spoke on his time in the service as a jailer at Sugamo Prison
      2. October 2005 Monthly Meeting
        White Whitches
      3. November 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Patrick CONLEY, attorney, author of sixteen books, former history professor at Providence College, and currently spending much of his time in real estate development.
      4. December 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House...
      5. January 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Thomas MCDONOUGH, Expert Sports Collector.
      6. February 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Henry DUQUETTE, Drummer for Providence Brigade Band, expert on Civil War drums.
      7. March 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Matthew KIERSTEAD, an Industrial Historian who works for Public Archaeology Lab in Pawtucket.
      8. April 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Jim CONNELL, Director of Linden Place
      9. May 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Linda Crotta BRENNAN, author of "The Black Regiment of the American Revolution"
      10. June 2006 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2006-2007 year.


      1. September 2004 Monthly Meeting
        PVPHS Follies - (including sound bites from the show!)
      2. October 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Buster CLEGG, President of the R.I. Reds Heritage Society
      3. November 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Mary (CASTALDI) COOPER, Author of "From the Village"
      4. December 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House...
      5. January 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Al MARTIN, one of the amateur woodcarvers of the New (up and coming) Oakland Beach Carousel
      6. February 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Dr. E. Pierre MORENON, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Rhode Island College, speaking about the former State Home and School for Children
      7. March 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Knight Estate
      8. April 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Plum Beach Lighthouse
      9. May 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Roberta HUMBLE, an English professor of English at CCRI. Her topic "Rhode Islandese."
      10. June 2005 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2005-2006 year.


      1. September 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Dr. Michael BELL, author and consulting folklorist for the Rhode Island Historical & Heritage Commission speaking on Superstitions of the Past and Vampires
      2. October 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Donald CARPENTER, Historian, speaking on "Our Rhode Island Water Supply"
      3. November 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Shawn MULLIGAN from the Quonsett Point Air Museum
      4. December 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House
      5. January 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Patsy SANFORD from the Heffenreffer Museum in Bristol.
      6. February 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Evening of Irish Music by Phil EDMONDS and Cathy CLASPER TORCH known as the group "TRUA"
      7. March 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Irene BLAIS from the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket.
      8. April 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Viginia WILLIAMS who will speak on "Outhouses"
      9. May 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Scott MALLOY will speak on "The First Millionaire in Rhode Island"
      10. June 2004 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2004-2005 year.


      1. Sept. 2002 Monthly Meeting
        Gerald FITTA on Hertiage Harbor Museum
      2. October 2002 Monthly Meeting
        Mrs. Deborah THOMPSON curator of The Gilbert Stuart Museum
      3. November 2002 Monthly Meeting
        Richard DANFORTH from the Slater Mill Musuem
      4. December 2002 Monthly Meeting
        Holiday Open House
      5. January 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Suzanne DESTEFANO, PVPHS Genealogist, Topic Becoming an "organized" Genealogy Sleuth
      6. Feb. 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Had to be cancelled due to the Senior Center being used as a clearing House for the families of the victims that were in "The Station" Fire on Feb. 20th
        Open this page for details on the fire.
      7. March 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Sue GLASTSHEEN, from the Rhode Island School of Design Museum
      8. April 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Elaine MAGUIRE of the Big River Management Area
      9. May 2003 Monthly Meeting
        Nancy ST. VINCENT, from the Emerald Forest Homestead
      10. June 2003 Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2003-2004 year.


      1. September 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Mr Frank LENNON, President of the USS Saratoga Museum Foundation.
      2. October 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Charlie PERRINO, subject: the history of the old Cranston Farms which was originally G. Perrino & Sons.
      3. November 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Mr. Dick CARBONE, a forum speaker for the Providence Preservation Society, topic 19th century schools in RI.
      4. December 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Open House-Holiday Party
      5. January 2002 Monthly Meeting
        The Royal Mill Project, speakers Ben ADAMS and Mara TRACHTENBERG.
      6. February 2002 Monthly Meeting
        "Rhode Island and Constitutional Rights"-Speaker: Vincent MANCUSO
      7. March 2002 Montly Meeting
        "Growing Up in Pawtuxet Valley"-Speaker: Frank COLETTA, NBC10 Local Newscaster
      8. April 2002 Monthly Meeting
        "The Spragues: Mills, Mansions and Politics" "Speaker: Donald CARPENTER
      9. May 2002 Meeting
        Justin Marra on "Technology meets the past"
      10. June 2002 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of New Officers for 2002-2003 year.


      1. Sept. 2000 Monthly Meeting
        Robert LYNCH, owner of the 1795 Nathaniel Porter Inn, Warren, RI
      2. Oct. 2000 MonthlyMeeting
        Ginny LESLIE, Senior Planner for D.E.M.
      3. Nov. 2000 Monthly Meeting
        Marla DANSKY, Executive Director of R.I. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Alice GOLDSTEIN, senior researcher at Brown University's Population Studies Training Center.
      4. Dec. 2000 Monthly Meeting
        Frank PROSNITZ, President of the Odeum Corporation
      5. Jan. 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Michael HEBERT, Historic Preservation Specialist/Archaeologist with the R.I. Department of Transportation
      6. Feb. 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Dr. Scott MOLLOY, Professor at URI's Labor Research Center
      7. March 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Rev. Edmund H. FITZGERALD, Historian, Topic="George Washington's 5 visits to R.I."
      8. April 30, 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Charles BLANCHETTE, member of Battery B in the R.I. Light Artillery and a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
      9. May 21, 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Providence Brigade Band
      10. June 23, 2001 Monthly Meeting
        Installation of Officers for 2001-2002 year.

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